The ’70s

  • In light of growing demand for condominiums in South Florida, Ben began designing and building 2400 condo units on the 300 acres of land he had retained in western Hollywood. He also built a 27-hole championship golf course known today as Hillcrest.
  • In 1971, the State of Florida took a third of the Hollywood Beach Hotel’s land to build a bridge over the intracoastal Waterway through eminent domain, the property was sold.
  • Believing that an exclusive resort could not properly operate in such proximity to a thoroughfare, the company followed Herbert’s admonition:  “knowing when to get out is as important as knowing when to get in.”

Other notable events that marked the 1970s:

    • Hillcrest continues with Phase II sales and development – Hollywood, FL
    • Quadrangle Office Complex across from the Biltmore Mall is built – Phoenix, AZ
    • Investments in real estate are made in Mexico and the Bahamas.
    • A portrait of Ben Tobin is completed by artist Antonio Sereix.